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aindrea baker

Jul 21
tripudios:White Tiger Drinking (by tfjunction)


White Tiger Drinking (by tfjunction)

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“Church is for brunettes.”

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Jul 20
sallydoodles:Heavy and Medic, afternoon nap 


Heavy and Medic, afternoon nap 

frankensteinforever:Kiwi Kingston, test makeup by Roy Ashton for The Evil of Frankenstein (1964).


Kiwi Kingston, test makeup by Roy Ashton for The Evil of Frankenstein (1964).

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Leave the Lomos and Lytros to the Posers.


Because what you really want is a 1-Bit Camera, Gameboy-style. And thankfully, you don


→ Kennedy Bates · 22 · Jail Therapist · FC: Hayden Panettiere

Once little miss perfect, Kennedy ruled Rivercourt High School with an iron first. Like her successor, Arabella, she was nice to all the right people, and bitchy to everyone else. But the school loved her - head chearleader, valedictorian, Kennedy had it all. That was, until her her high school boyfriend got her pregnant. Luke Hudson was many things, but he wasn’t one to shy away from his responsibility as a parent. But Kennedy wasn’t ready to be a mother. So she carried the baby to full term, and then gave it away to an adoption agency in South Carolina, and never spoke to Luke Hudson again.

Of course, being 17 and pregnant had it’s impact on Kennedy’s school life, and as such, she only just graduated high school. Underneath it all, Kennedy was actually a decent person; sweet and caring and empathetic. Kennedy does have a bitchy side, brought out by competition, but she’s not just the bitch she was in high school. She carries a lot of guilt about the things she did, and the lives she may have ruined. So after graduation, Kennedy reformed her attitude, and went to help others who were going through hardship. Which is what lead her to Jynxxie, the troubled teen with no future prospects, and a lot of bad habits. Kennedy is determined to help Jynxxie do something worthwhile with her life, in the hopes that it will make up for all the things she did when she was at school. She cares a lot about her sister, but it takes a lot to get her to open up fully.

Note: This character has a backstory that is imperative for the storyline. It will be revealed to the successful applicant.



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art-related:hydeordie:Peter Stichbury, Larry Walnut, 2009(via dugway)



Peter Stichbury, Larry Walnut, 2009

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anyadarling:Loved the soundtrack to this film.


Loved the soundtrack to this film.

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